The Consulting Team

A rude awakening

You have a wonderful sleep.

There’s a brief spat between stool and dawnbringer, where the sword calls the mushroom a “wanton hussy”. Clearly the sword feels possessive and jealous. Gabin tries to calm the sword down as Buppido grumpily says “We’re all trying to sleep here, get a room with that sword”.

Shuushar and R’yleh actively debate the ways to maximize unit compassion and justice per person. Apparently it’s quite a complicated thing being all things to all people.

Early “morning” approaches and a horrible klaxon noise jolts you all awake.

R’yleh leaps to his feet and grabs some strange looking organic extension that looks kind of like an intestine. It works like a periscope.

The Drow from Velkynvelve are back! In Force! They will be here in about 10 minutes.

You guys need to rush out of here, there is little time to waste. You grab all your stuff, throw it into waterproof sacks that R’yleh provided the night before and prepare to venture into the depths.

The path is perilous. Basically you ened to dive down about 30 feet, fight a current, and then go into a narrow tunnel. You need to swim another 30 feet and then you need to surface. You will be on the shores of the Darklake, R’yleh escapes.

Current, cold, and not every one can swim! Terrifying. Fortunately Shuushar can swim and breather underwater. He can help most of you, but given the time, some of you have to go it alone.

Great drama ensues, but for the most part people make it, thanks to Shuushar. There are a few rucksacks lost and two folks have significant trouble – Derendil, and Zoldren. In particular Zoldren actually begins to drown in the tunnel (and needed multiple attempts to get there). Shuushar has to drag his unconcous body through the tunnel, to the Darklake, and successfully wakes him.

And there you are! The darklake! A huge expanse of dark gloomy water puntuated by small rocky islands, stone columns, old locks, and glowing masses. Parts are large open sea, some are tunnels, and all is hard going. But shuusha says he knows the way!


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