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On the Way to Sloobidoop

The next few days is filled with adventure. First you have to build your own primitive boats. Fortunately a nearby island has zurkhwood, but it still takes about a day and a half to build them. With primitive boat and paddles, it is slow and exhausting going.

The next couple of days consists of traveling through various parts of the darklake. For the most part it’s not too bad, ocassionalyy portaging is required.

Notable exceptions to the progress occur twice:

1. As you are winding around the bend of a “river” in the Darklake some THING erupted under neath one of your boats and sent the occupants flying. The creature was nearly invisible in the water, and extremely difficult to hit (since spells generally don’t travel well in the water and you could only guess where it was most of the time. Fortunately Gabin eventually dispatched it with his Dawnbringer, whose searing radiant energy caused great energy to the water weird.

You searched around and found in the murky depths a distubing altar with a strange spider symbol. Not Lolth, you quickly determine. But some deity Rovagug. The water weird must have been watching over the alter for millenia. Somehow you disturbed it…..hmm…. strange…

A day later you are ambushed by Darkmantles. The first thing you realized was when 3 or 4 of you had these horrible squid sucking things fall from the ceiling of the caverns. Huge circles of darkness surrounded them. So a tough battle ensued.

(It must be noted that Ajax had a particularly tough time as the curse from the Lost Tomb was still active)

The Darklake is clearly no picnic. But Shusshar assures you soon you will be in Sloobidoop, and it is a rich and beautiful city and you will be treated well. Relaxation, baths, armor, swords, will all be yours!


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