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Sloobidoop: Leemoogoogoon

The party is led, prodded occasionally with spears just a short distance, perhaps a few hundred feet but around some winding mounds to an open area near the docks.

There they see dozens of kuo toa gathered. Some near an altar, some surrounding the party, some hanging around on top of the mounds, some swimming in the water, some on the docks. There are a LOT of them here, perhaps as much as a fifth of Sloobidoops population.

You see Ploop stride up to Blodd, a youngish (you’d guess) arrogant looking Kuotoa, wearing much garish jewelry. He acknowledges his daughter’s mastery with a bow, while Gloog stands nearby and sullenly glares.

The altar is a disturbing one, it looks like thisthat_s_just_fucked_up.jpg

Nearby there is clear signs of multiple blood sacrifices.
The next minute or two is an anxious one. Blodd makes a short passionately probably insane speech about the superiority of the Deep Father Leemoogoogoon. And then orders the party to be ushered to near the altar to be executed.

Suddenly Ploop strikes his daughter with his staff. A loud CRACK echoes and she is struck to the ground badly injured.

And a fight breaks out all around you. It looks like roughly 2/3 of the kuo toa are adherents of Blodd, one third of Ploop, but many of them are near him and he has surprise on his side.

Some of them attack you and you fight back. It’s close quarter fighting on marshy grounds, and you hear the ground squelching repeatedly as you move back and forth.

A short time in the battle you hear the a disturbance from the lake. Some creatures appear to be attacking the kuotoa in the water and near the docks. The sea is almost seething near the shore line. You see the flash of teeth and weird manta ray creatures repeatedly ripping kuo toa into little pieces.

The battle between Ploop and Blodd lasts a file. She strikes her father with a lightning bolt and he causes an earth quake and chasm to appear at her feet that she nearly falls into.
Eventually, though he gains the upper hand and kills his daughter thrusting his staff/spear (dual weapon) into her chest. A bloody froth bubbles from her lips as she looks beseechingly to the sea…. “Leemoogoogoon” she wails and crumples to the ground.

For a few moments nothing happens. All is tense and then begins to relax. Just when Ploop looks up and you and is about to speak…..

The dark surface of the water farther out bubbles and begins to foam, A thick oily tentacle bursts forth followed by another. Then… two monstrous heads break the surface, both resembling hideous angry baboons with wickedly curved tusks. Both heads are attached to a single torso, and the monsters red eyes burn with blood lust and madness.

The creature must stand about 60’ tall or more, with 100’ long tentacles. It is about 400’ feet from the docks, and water cascadees down it’s back and shoulders. The great ceeature, clearly of demonic oregon throws back its heads and roars, and you hear in Abyssal (for those of you that know it)

“I have come, in all my majesty to claim this plane, and make it a part of my demesne. All who oppose me will perish”

He looks kind of like this:


All of you with even a smidgin of intelligence are struck with horror, this creature resembles without a shadow of a doubt


What have you gotten yourself into?!?!?!?


scraigtucker mikebell90

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