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Sloobidoop: The New York of the Underdark

Sadly as you approach, many of you no doubt feel your heart sink.

Sloobidoop is a large village, perhaps a small city. It is built on rotting reeds, marshland, with rickety bridges connecting various sections, huge mounds of dirt where kuo toa live, water and mud every where. Mosquitoes buzzing everywhere.

And the stench of rotting fish! Clearly the Kuo toa have different standards!

You trudge through the winding “streets”. Ploop leads you a circuitous route for reasons you would later learn, and you arrive at the altar of the sea mother.

It’s not a very impressive sight. A crude idol with random bits of garbage, shell, fish, etc strewn around it. Several very serious guards. A few worshippers winding in and out.

Gabin had recalled from his studying days that Kuotoa tend to be scavengers and their gods and goddesses reflect this, The Kuo toa are a simple folk as Ploop himself admitted, and tends to create their own “deities” for a short time for convenience sake. The Sea Mother is a pretty long lived deity but is more of a concept than a coherent theology.

Anyway, Ploop pauses expectantly. A Party member regurgitates on the altar, and everyone looks pleased, and he ushers you in his house.

His house is a messy rickety hut, with earth floors. Some comfortable cushions mostly not mildewy are brought out for his guests.

He explains that he feels he must deal with his daughter, perhaps even kill her. It grieves him, but these beliefs of hers are both dangerous and morally questionable. Murdering outsiders has continued, and clearly the kuo toa in the boats were trying to capture the adventurers for such a fate. Plus the duergar and drow will not be pleased when they find out that members of their race have been sacrificed by the kuo toa.

His plan is simple. He will lead the party members to his daughter, pretending he has decided to join her cult. He will take some of his strongest men and at the last moment they will attack her, as will the party.

This isn’t the most sophisticated plan, and some party members seem uneasy about it. But food and drink is brought (mostly nearly rotting fish, which is disgusting, but Ploop does seem to be trying). Some clothes are dug up, they aren’t in very good shape or comfortable, but since the Kuotoa rarely use clothing, they are all they have.

Glooglugogg, Ploop’s son interrupts once. He is clearly not enamored of the party and expresses his distrust. But Ploop shusshes him gently and firmly.

Ploop removes the curse from Ajax, to his great joy, and helps heal up the party.

They are still discussing “better plans”, when loud noises erupt outside.

It is a party from Blopp, sent to take the “prisoners” away to be sacrificed. Ploop has no choice but to put his plan into action and hope the party wll go along.


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