The Consulting Team

Showdown with Ardoc

The Party entered Ardoc’s hanging manse in the the district of Bis in search of the kidnapped Troll Augerer Augustille. The Heroes fought a deadly battle on a trapped swinging walkway that stretched up from the lower sections of the home up to Ardoc’s personal chaambers and study.

The Party was confronted by Ardoc’s Major Domo, a harpy named Herifax. She charmed Hadrith with her song in the early rounds of battle, but Sardis transformed into a great eagle and mounted an aerial attack. Vassago engaged another mechanical sentry on the bridge.

As Herifax fell, Ardoc’s lover, a were-tigress named Kanye charged the heroes. After narrowly avoiding infection by this lycanthropy, Sardis transformed into a bear and dispatched Kanye.

Finally, the heroes faced off with Ardoc and another sentry – but as he cast chain lightning with a gleam in his eyes, Shimra narrowly overcame Ardoc with a counter spell and he was over run by the group.

They found Augustille bound to a foul experimental contraption that held his entrails in a pan while recording his cries of pain and anguish in writing.

The group took Augusitille back to Vargun his sister and the other troll ascetics at their temple. There, the recovering Augustille went into a trance, grabbed a knife, a sliced his stomach open letting his entrails spill upon the table. From them he recited a prophecy.

The City of Strangers
quest for Shard of Gluttony

The Party, led by faithful guide Gav, started their quest for the Shard of Greed by doing what anyone else looking for a rare artifact would do – visit the Troll mystics. Known locally as power augurers, the Trolls were…on strike?

the troll matriarch, Vargun, explained that the most gifted of their order, here brother Augustille, had been kidnapped by a renegade youth from the Ardoc family. the Ardocs basically run things in the district of Bis, renown for its hanging manses inside the vaulted dome of Kar Maega.

the Ardoc elders have been unwilling (or unable) to reign in the youth Berkanin. Its well known that Arkanin is a gifted artificer and given to sadistic experiments to further his craft.

Vargun challenged the Party to bring back her brother and in exchange they would give you all the aide they can to help find that which you desire.

The Party infiltrated the Ardoc’s Manse which is 8 stories off the ground. On the grounds, the party encountered mechanical soldiers, shambling mounds, and a power alchemical golem. Hadrith took the worst of it, hovering near death’s door for most of the battle.

Now the party has regrouped and prepare to enter Ardoc’s abode…

Return to Magnimar

After conquering the Lady’s Light and disposing of the powerful Lust Demon with the aid of their newfound companion Sardis the Water Druid, the Party made its way back to Magnimar.

Hadrith led the group back to the Gilded Cage to give an impressive performance to a raucous crowd that seemed proud to have their hometown boys back in the pub after achieving such fame as stage actors in ‘High Town.’

Talk about town was also abuzz with gossip about the ‘Consultants’ ability to get permission to turn the Crow into a new entertainment venue.

Lydia appeared in the Gilded Cage pretty chaffed that Vassago had returned to the watering hole but had not stopped in to greet her…a few drinks, some groveling, and passionate kisses seemed to make everything all right.

Lydia has done wonders with the investors capital and the Crow looks like it could be open for business in about a month – just about the time the first payment of 833 gp is due to repay the 25,000 gp loan she brokered.

You all dined with Sheila Heidmarch and the Lord Mayor Haldmeer . She was eager to lay hands on the Shard of Greed in exchange for ioun stone she thinks will nullify the curse associated with the next Shard which she believes to be the Shard of Gluttony.

She shared her distaste for the group’s commercial endeavors at the Crow. “Such historic properties belong to all Magnimarians and should be respected and studied.”

She demanded opportunity for her and her house wizard Vandermeer to visit the Crow and study it. You all allowed her to do so but did not allow her to enter the area containing the Rift Siphon. Lydia used subtle illusions to hide the entrance to that area.

Then you boarded a halfling trading vessel on the Yondabakari River headed upstream to Kaer Maga, aka the Asylum Stone. The enchanted vessel traveled upstream rather swiftly, traveling the 600 miles of river in about 2 weeks time.

The river trip terminated at the base of a 1000 foot waterfall with KAer Maga perched over it. The opted to travel the Halflight Path, a series of caverns, through the rock up to the city. This required a Dusk Warden guide. Along the way the party was attacked by ankhegs.

Now the PArty stands just outside the walls of Kaer Maga, ready to pursue the Shard of Gluttony.

The Lady's Light
Acquiring the Shard of Lust

After bonding with the Shard of Greed, Vassago dreamed of an enormous stature of a beautiful woman, clad in revealing robes, holding a lit scepter above her head. Everyone on the Varisian coast recognizes that as a description of the Lady’s Light.

The Lady’s Light is but another of Varisia’s many ancient monuments that remain standing 10,000 years after the Runelords who made them have vanished from the ages.

The Party sailed from Magnimar DATE aboard the freighter Beloved and after a week at sea, were put adrift a mile off shore from the Lady’s Light in their magical folding boat.

Ships do not get near the Lady as shallow reefs have sent many a crew to Gozrah’s embrace.

The Party landed safely ashore and quickly found entrance to the caverns leading to the dungeon network beneath the Lady.

However, another group had beaten the Party there! The Grey Maidens of Korvosa were already inside, seeking ancient Thassilonian magic to aid them in their quest to dethrone the sitting queen Domina. The Maiden’s attempt at a coup d’etat failed and their leader, Ileosa slain. However, the Maidens thought that the Runelord of Lust may have left behind magic that would allow them to exact revenge.

Party fought their way through the Sorshen’s traps and guardians. In the end, it was not some reincarnation of the Runelord herself, but a deranged succubus who had been trapped in the monument for millennia who had the Grey Maidens charmed and enthralled.

The Party dispatched of the Maidens and the succubus Ashamintallu and recovered the Shared of Lust.

Overdue Update

Lots happened but we have failed to keep adequate journal…so here is my attempt at a summary from memory:

1. It all started with a connection with Pathfinder Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch. She hired the Consultants to track down Natalya Viskerkin. Natalya was a a Pathfinder double agent spying on the gang of cat burglars known as the Tower Girls.

this is documented pretty well in the adventure log.

2. After Natalya was ‘rescued’ and the curse of the Shard of Pride was lifted from her, she was quick to rat out the Tower Girls and the Party some tracked them to a hidout in the Crow – one of the ancient bridge pylons still standing in the bay. For more on the history of Magnimar and the ancient monuments that still stand see Magnimar

3. Heidmarch then realized what the artifact was that Natalya had, she was astonished. She told the Party some history about the Sihedron and the Shards.

4. The Crow proved to be more than hide out for second rate street gang! Once the Party figured out how to open the strange locked door to the lower levels (thanks to Shimra’s growing command of ancient Thassilonian language and history) they discovered a dungoen full of warring devils. It appears that the Crow was once a laboratory of Alaznist, ancient Rune Lord of Wrath. see

5. The Devils got into the place because Alaznist built a Rift Siphon in there. This is large margical room that is shaped like a labyrinth. It was left open to some back water corner of the abyss and every once in a while a devil or hell hound stumbled in.

6. The Party is trying to figure out how to work the powerful device but it appears to allow for extraplaner travel and teleportation.

7. A perverse succubi named Lord Baz was pretty much in control of the place and had the Shard of Greed in his possession.

8. After defeating Baz’s minions he surrendered and actually brokered a contract with the Party.

9. The Party was annoyed that Heidmarch demanded to keep the previous Shard of Pride once the Shard of Greed was recovered. She explained that it was too risky for the shards to be in the hands of adventurers on the road – the Pathfinders have a much better hiding place.

10. Heidmarch also invited the Party to join the Pathfinder Society but they declined.

11. The Party hangs out at a bar called the Guilded Cage in the Low Cleft District of Magnimar. I am using the Magnimar: City of Monuments City Guide..I have it digitally and can share drop box link upon request.

12. Vassago has a girlfriend of sorts named Lydia who is involved with the Aspis Consortium. (see

13. Vassago sold the group on the idea that the Crow would be great place for a entertainment venue. Lydia was able to find an investor from Absalom to front some cash. but there is a law against commercializing Magnimar’s ancient monuments…so there were permitting issues with the City Council.

14. Lydia tipped the party off that it is rumored that the Lord Mayor Haldmeer is a real pervert and undoubtedly has all sorts of nefarious business and private life activities that could be used to blackmail him into providing permits – if they could get into his well guarded compound.

15. A famous Director just so happened to be reviving an old ‘Murder play’ – very illegal – where the actors often die on stage. Haldmeer was hosting the play and a bacchanalian orgy fest afterwards – and usually the actors and production crew were invited if the play was good.

16. The Party survived the play and made the party. Found a basement in Haldmeer’s mansion that appeared serve as a meeting place for cultists worshiping Norgorber (see

17. in the basement found the mutilated body of young girl who was clearly a sacrifice to the evil god – they swiped the body as evidence, getting a cleric to cast Gentle Repose in a manner to last longer than that spell normally would. Basically blackmailed Haldmeer by threatening to take the body and cast speak with dead to reveal his devil worshiping ways. In the end they got the necessary permits to commercialize the Crow but made an enemy of the Lord Mayor.

18. the Party is now off to get the third Shard – Shard of Lust….

Lord Baz confrontation

summary of loot and other things:

In Lord Baz’ chamber you found:

Ancient Zither of quality craftsmanship, perfectly in tune despite its age
small chest with 472 gp in coins and gems
folding boat (as you camp you experiment and recollect stories if such an item and figure out its command words and how to work – its just like described in DMG)
Two Ancient tapestries that are in great shape despite there age, faint aura of preservative magic
The Shard of Greed – haste 1 per day, +1 initiative..but attracted to jewelry…w/o the ioun stone the desire for jewels becomes ‘an issue’
4 potions of water breathing and a scroll of water breathing

As you camp for the evening, Shimra takes out the etching he made at the door to the Rift Siphon…using his book, he is able to better understand the properties of the siphon and thinks, if given the time and opportunity, a knowledgeable and talented arcanist could reverse the polarity of planer pendulemic modulator…and travel in the other direction and possible control which plane it is tuned to.

The Consultants Take their first gig together
Quest for Natalya

Posted by DM

Session was getting pitched by local Pathfinder Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch on looking for Pathfinder double agent Natalya Vascerkin. Natalya was running with the Tower Girls but on the take from Heidmarch.

Natalya had reported finding a “strange, ancient, and valuable artifact” before disappearing off the radar.

The Consultants were hired to find Natalya, figure out what kind of artifact she found, and bring both her (500 gp reward) and the artifact (500 gp reward) back to Heidmarch Manor.

Following leads, the Consultants met with the Amazing Zograthy who led them to Fenster. Vassago convinced Fenster he was sent by Content Not Found: null which in turn convinced the pathetic Fenster to give clear directions to Natalya’s hideout.

Upon reaching the Hideout, the party fought through Varisian thugs and sewer goblins before facing off with Natalya herself.

Shimra, out of sheer desperation, was able to deftly shove Natalya from the attic of her dilapidated warehouse, and she feel unconscious in sewers below.

Posted by Mike:

general intel

framlin boss of underbridge near finster amazing zog pesh addict carnival dude finster dude in warehouse that zog tell us about natalia – hired to findnear clocktower, small building


wand pretty nice looking silver shortsword pouch @ belt heraculum artifact – one of 7 sky medals derived from meterorites 55 gp


8gp 1 healing 1 chain mail shirt 2 handed flails set of loaded dice

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