The Consulting Team

Lord Baz confrontation

summary of loot and other things:

In Lord Baz’ chamber you found:

Ancient Zither of quality craftsmanship, perfectly in tune despite its age
small chest with 472 gp in coins and gems
folding boat (as you camp you experiment and recollect stories if such an item and figure out its command words and how to work – its just like described in DMG)
Two Ancient tapestries that are in great shape despite there age, faint aura of preservative magic
The Shard of Greed – haste 1 per day, +1 initiative..but attracted to jewelry…w/o the ioun stone the desire for jewels becomes ‘an issue’
4 potions of water breathing and a scroll of water breathing

As you camp for the evening, Shimra takes out the etching he made at the door to the Rift Siphon…using his book, he is able to better understand the properties of the siphon and thinks, if given the time and opportunity, a knowledgeable and talented arcanist could reverse the polarity of planer pendulemic modulator…and travel in the other direction and possible control which plane it is tuned to.

The Consultants Take their first gig together
Quest for Natalya

Posted by DM

Session was getting pitched by local Pathfinder Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch on looking for Pathfinder double agent Natalya Vascerkin. Natalya was running with the Tower Girls but on the take from Heidmarch.

Natalya had reported finding a “strange, ancient, and valuable artifact” before disappearing off the radar.

The Consultants were hired to find Natalya, figure out what kind of artifact she found, and bring both her (500 gp reward) and the artifact (500 gp reward) back to Heidmarch Manor.

Following leads, the Consultants met with the Amazing Zograthy who led them to Fenster. Vassago convinced Fenster he was sent by Content Not Found: null which in turn convinced the pathetic Fenster to give clear directions to Natalya’s hideout.

Upon reaching the Hideout, the party fought through Varisian thugs and sewer goblins before facing off with Natalya herself.

Shimra, out of sheer desperation, was able to deftly shove Natalya from the attic of her dilapidated warehouse, and she feel unconscious in sewers below.

Posted by Mike:

general intel

framlin boss of underbridge near finster amazing zog pesh addict carnival dude finster dude in warehouse that zog tell us about natalia – hired to findnear clocktower, small building


wand pretty nice looking silver shortsword pouch @ belt heraculum artifact – one of 7 sky medals derived from meterorites 55 gp


8gp 1 healing 1 chain mail shirt 2 handed flails set of loaded dice

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