The Consultants

Drawn together by circumstance, or maybe fate, what started out as a simple task to find a missing person has led to a quest to recover one of ancient Thessalon’s most potent artifacts – the Sihedron of King Xin.

King Xin’s last act as ruler of Thessalon over 10,000 years ago was to break the Sihedron into into seven shards, each representing a virtual of rule. But the Run Lords betrayed Xin and corrupted the shards to represent instead the deadly sins. The heroes must face modern day Varisian politics, corrupt crime lords, and unspeakable horrors left to guard the ancient Thessalon’s greatest secrets.

Our adventure begins in the diverse streets and districts of Magnimar, and quickly moves to the dark forgotten chambers within the city’s ancient monuments. But our stalwart heroes are not the only ones seeking to solve ancient Thessalon’s forgotten secrets…

The Consulting Team

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