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Escape from Sloobidoop

The intro I read

“You stare, frozen in horror at the sight of Demogorgon, Demon Prince of the Abyss, He who has inspired a thousand childhood stories that left you quivering as youngsters, as his monstrous form, 60’ tall with 100’ loh5. Your title here…ng tentacles
has arisen from the lake, and claimed this world for his own. Meanwhile the waves froth near the docks, churning up a steady froth of blood and screams from helpless kuotoa who are being consumed
by strange frightening creatures from the deep that resemble giant mantas rays with fangs
Ploopploopeen, archpriest of the Kuo Toa stares blankly at this menace, his mind apparently blasted from the horror that he sees in front of him. He is not alone. Many kuo toa who were on both sides of the
conflict seem similarly afflicted. Some are crying, some beating their heads against the ground. Some futily run into the water to attack the demon, and are swept into the waves never to be seen again.
A few of course are running away.
Terrifyingly, strange green rays strike some of the kuo toa and you see them freeze, convulse as if the hands of some mighty invisible fists are squeezing them. They straighten, their eyes now fiery red, thei expressions blank, and you hear the terrifying moan “Leemogoogeen” as they advance in unison, and begin striking down other kuo toa.
As if all this weren’t bad enough, Demogorgon appears to be slowly, ponderously moving closer to the shore, his great tentacles causing crashing waves to hit the shoreline, partially inundating the area.
Welcome to part 2 of Out of the Abyss. We will be rolling for initiative, and then each person will get 30 seconds for their move. (First player gets a minute, because, yes this is tough, and yes you lose
any rremaining part of your turn if you don’t use it in the 30second time clock. "

The sounds were taken from:

The battle began. It was a tough one, particular since:

  • Ajax was terrified and trying to run away
  • Dawnbringer was terrified, screaming and her blade was as bright as a sun. This attracted Demogorgon’s attention.
  • Sleeves was paralyzed.
  • Derendil was driven mad and charged towards the Dock..

The intrepid heroes tried to escape. This was made difficult by multiple possessed Kuotoa attacking them, particularly Gabin, and because the group was pretty spread out. In addition, Sarith basically had to carry Sleeves..

It didn’t help that much of the way was swampy and mulchy, reducing movement to a desperate slip and slide, half falling in the mud, scrabbling to escape.

And all around, the screams and moans……

Jimjar fell, and was revived once by gabin, only to fall again! Sarith was struck multiple times as was Gabin and Ajax. Terror overcame our heroes and their retreat became a near rout.

Meanwhile Derendil waded into the dock water and was ripped into multiple bloody shreds by the ixitachitl (the vampiric manta rays). He bellowed his defiance and fought bravely but disappeared beneath the waves, not to be seen again.

Demogorgon repeatedly sent physical waves crashing, and slowly approached the dock, and sent powerful psychic waves of fear and despair that threatened to completely overwhelm the party.

It looked like this might be curtains for the heroes, but Shuushar,…… stepped up

He stared in horror and shock at the approaching monstroity, at the prone body of the archpriest of Blibdoolplodd and watched the imminent destruction of his people.

And …. something changed inside the kindly Kuotoa, the pacifist who had debated the ways of peace and love and compassion with R’yleh. A hot rage awoke within him, and he swore that he would save his people, and these brave companiions that had saved him from slavery

Within him, he found reserves of inner strength. Perhaps he called to Blibdoolplodd, and something answered. Regardless he found his fists became like that of steel, and he was able to command great powers.

He shouted to his compansons and led them in retreat to a nearby dock.

He fought the Kuo toa that were possessed, held back his brethren with might and fury and sadness and rage, power coruscating out os his fingertips in whitehot waves of flame.

And he helped his companions escape down a river and told them he would meet them that night if he survived, “at the pillar of the gods”


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