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Pillar of the Gods

The party, exhausted, bedraggled, drained physically and mentally took the boats down the river. Crystals began to appear on the sides of the river and occasionally one of them protrude from the river. They were salt crystals of enormous size.

Several hours later, the party entered a large watery cavern. At the center was a salt pillar about 20’ in diameter, and 100s of feet tall. It glittered brilliantly in the phospherescent light, and the party had no doubt they had found the pillar of the gods.

The party, having lost 2 companions settled in for the night (and leveled up).
Halfway through the night, they were delighted to see their friend Shuushar swimming and dragging a boat.

They talked for the next few hours. Shuushar made it clear that he had helped save about half the kuo toa of sloobidoop, that he was going to return to sloobidoop and help them organize resistance against the demonic incursion. But first he wanted to thank the companions, embrace many of them, and let them know he would be there “at the last, when I am needed. For I am no longer Shuushar the Awakened but Shuushar the Avenger”"

He provided food, nets, a metal cooking pot (to sleeves delight), and gold, copper, and magic potions (“These you earned already in the defense of my people”)

And he let them know that they could travel in two directions.

  • Grackltstugh the legendary city of the duergar. A hard discliplined ruthless people, with little sense of mercy, but honest, and fierce enemies of the drow. As the largest city within months of travel (other than drow cities), it is possible you will find a way out
  • Neverlight Grove – the grove of the myconids and stool’s home.

A healthy debate ensued. Some wanted to go to Gracklstugh (like Buppido). Others wanted to go to Neverlight Grove (like Stool and Sarith).

In the end the decision (which stool tearfully acquiesced to upoon Gabins solemn promise they would go to Neverlight grove next) was to go to Gracklstugh.

They parted from Shuushar, with tears and thanks


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