The Consulting Team

Rolling down the River

A couple of days passed more or less uneventfully. Buppido had taken over navigation duties since Jimjar’s sad demise. The boats were sturdy and serviceable and foraging was made easier with the nets.

Halfway through one day, the channels of the darklake narrowed, and became difficult to navigate. Sandbars kept popping up, requiring the party to repeatedly portage the boats.

Tempers probably flared high.

Earlier the weird sounds of gibbering were heard, but nothing was seen.

Luckily the keen eyes of Zoldren spotting something ODD about a sandbar up ahead. And just then the attack began.

Multiple gibbering mouthers, horrors seemingly from another dimension, with random eye stalks and mouths repeatedly attacked the party and nearly killed Sarith. Ajax barely hung on as he was peppered with vicious attacks and repeatedly blinded by their acidic spit. The ground roiled under neath them making it difficult to move.

It was a nasty battle, but fortunately you prevailed and found safe harbor.,..

Thatevening Ajax found a neat stone box, and figured out it contained a tuning fork that allowed you to locate objects and things around it. Cool! This should help


scraigtucker mikebell90

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