The Consulting Team

Ambush at Abodar's Temple

Consultants survive assassination attempt

Consultants retrieve the dead body (one of Lord Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras ‘s victims) from where they stashed it in the catacombs beneath the Temple/Bar of Cayden Cailean. and send Sheila Heidmarch to wake the city’s top Judge.

They took it to temple of Abadar where they planned on having the Priest cast speak with dead while the Judge heard the body’s testimony.

Judge was in cahoots with Grobarus! The Guards and thugs he brought with him attempted a bloody assassination attempt, killing the young paladin of Abadar, a priestess, and a small handful of acolytes.

Despite a brutal battle, the consultants emerged victorious!

A large group of Ushermen assembled and heard of Haldmeer’s schemes. It appears as though he left town! However, it was noted that at the stroke of midnight, the crescent moon high above Magnimar briefly turned blood red. What does this portent mean?


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