The Consulting Team

Hadrith Acts Impulsively

Haldmeer goes Rogue

- consultants met a gnomish wizard namedGorand Kel. Gorand built a bitchin’ cannon golem but can’t afford entrance into the golem fights. Consultants work out a deal with him to invest in his creation.

-Hadrith invited by Rictavio Trupalin to sing ‘Magnimar, O Beacon of Liberty’ to open Golem Fights. HAdrith accepts.

- Marlin received letter from Haldmeer Gorbaras wanting secret meeting

-Consultants spend most of evening and next day drinking and carousing before meeting Haldmeer at the Blind Basilisk. Haldmeer admits his career is being tested by the angry sentiments of the working class as well as that of the wealthy. He suggests a distraction of heroes. He wants to award you all Magnimars Medal of Honor for saving the city in a large public ceremony

-Hadrith had enough of such bullshit and stabs Haldmeer across the bar room table. Fight erupts as several patrons in the bar are Haldmeer’s minions. Big fight ends as Haldmeer and his peeps flee the scene with the Blind Basilisk in flames.


scraigtucker scraigtucker

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