Mob Calls on Grobarus to Step Down

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November 2, 2016

Today an angry mob formed outside of the Hall of Ushers calling on Lord Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras to step down. As the tale of Valdemar’s foiled plan to make Magnimar a beach head for an invasion of mysterious brain eating beings from another plane have spread, the citizenry demands a stronger leader committed to protecting them…

The mob threw rotten vegetables when the Lord Mayor appeared at a second story balcony…The crowd was so rowdy that the Mayor’s Eldritch Knights has to cast gust of wind spells to disburse them…At this point, many people returned with bottles and rocks.

Just as the whole ordeal was about to take a turn for worse, local businessman Rictavio Trupalin addressed the crowd in a loud voice, calling for calm and reason. Mr. Trupalin entreated the citizens to let the political process play out, “Mob rule is not Magnimar’s way!” He threw in a round a drinks at the bar on the corner as the Lord Mayor slunk away,,,

Mob Calls on Grobarus to Step Down

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